This Is My Face

Hello. Just thought I'd post this pic. I kinda want to start from scratch with this blogging lark really. I tend to do that. Get bored, get rid and start again. I'm not going to do that with this (but I am tempted).

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I want to get into my make up and try new products and looks. At the minute I use MAC Studio Fix foundation in NC35. I'm starting to think this is too dark for me to be honest. I bought that shade purely because I was (am) a fake tan addict and this is what matched. Blusher/bronzer I use a mixture of, eye shadow is mainly the Urban Decay Naked 2 or 3 palette, although I do have a little Clinique set I bought ages ago that I tend to slap on for work because it's quick and easy. I don't tend to wear lipsticks. It's something I want to try though. I got my teeth whitened not so long ago so I feel much more confident about doing this. 

I would really appreciate and welcome any recommendations/ideas/opinions!


Let's Make Some Money! Shop My eBay!!

Warehouse Spotlight Sequin Jacket here

Topshop Pink Crepe Dress here

Vintage Preppy College Print Blouse here

ASOS 100% Leather Jacket here

Here I go!! I went overboard at Christmas so need to start making some money back I think. I've got a box bursting with clothes, shoes and accessories to eBay so I thought I'd kick start it today. Above is just a few of the things I've listed today and I'm going to be listing more over the next few weeks. Take a sneaky peek :)


My 25th Birthday!!

I love dressing up for my Birthday. Always have, always will! This year I wanted to make my make up stand out a little. I've never been good at doing my make up...ever! However, recently I've started watching Youtube tutorials on how to do eye make up. I'd got the Naked 2 (and now 3) Palette by Urban Decay and really wanted to create some cool looks. I can't remember which Youtuber this look came from but it was using purely the Naked 2 palette. I was really happy with how this turned out. I'd definitely recommend a good Youtube search for people who aren't too confident doing their eyes. It helps a lot and it's something I'm going to get a lot more into this year.

Necklace - Dorothy Perkins // Bustier - Warehouse (now annoyingly in the sale, here) // Lux Shine Joggers - Topshop (also annoyingly in the sale, here) // Embellished Red Heels - Bank

I am just rubbish at outfit pictures. I fell in love with the bustier top when I saw it as I thought it looked classy and timeless. I paired it with some silky black joggers from Topshop and red embellished heels from Bank, which I can't find on the website anymore. I didn't have a necklace to wear with this outfit so my boyfriend surprised me the night before my birthday with the one I'm wearing. He's too good!

We went to Cafe Soya in Birmingham. It's a Chinese restaurant with individual karaoke rooms for your party. It was a lot of fun and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a bit of a different night out.


Black Swan

So this one is dating back to October! Me and the other half hosted a fancy dress party at our apartment. People made loads of effort and had a great time. I decided to go as Black Swan (not at all because people say I look like Natalie Portman...thought I'd throw that in there)... I'm not very creative when it comes to things like this but I thought I'd give making my own costume a go instead of just buying a ready made one. I bought the corset from Primark for a few quid in the sale, and stuck gems and feathers bought off Amazon onto it with superglue. This was a BALL ACHE and my fingers were in a right state afterwards. Also got the corset stuck to my carpet at one point!

You can't really see on the picture, but I was also wearing red contact lenses. I'd never worn contact lenses in my life so was very nervous putting them in, but it went well and I thought I looked bloody scary!


A Very Bright Day at The Races

Floppy Hat - Miss Selfridge (similar here at ASOS)
Dress - Topshop (current)
Studded Belt - Came with playsuit from River Island (similar here)
Heels - Primark (current)

This is again a catch up post. I went to Uttoxeter races with work back in September. It was a cold, rainy day but I decided to try and brighten it up in this neon orange number from Topshop. It's actually still full price on the website, but I bought it in the Summer. When I say 'I', what I mean is my Mother. It's a borrowed dress.

I was quite nervous about wearing the floppy hat. (I always type 'hate' when trying to type hat. How annoying!) I'd been looking for the perfect one for ages and ages. My head is rather large, so finding one that doesn't just perch on top is quite a challenge. However, I managed to find one in Miss Selfridge. I got loads of comments on the day as I was the only one to brave a hat! It's the Races, you've gotta!

Now, hat etiquette...if anyone could advise me on this I would be grateful. When sat down for a meal (in this case, in an outdoor marquee), do you remove the said hat?? What do you do about hat hair??

Answers on a postcard :)


Wedding Style

Pink Blazer - H&M
Floral Jumpsuit - Topshop
Cream Bag - Vintage

My 2nd wedding of the year. My lovely friends Natasha and Gary got hitched back in September. This is how long I've got to catch up on posts from. I love this jumpsuit. It's lovely and silky and very comfortable to wear. I loved pairing the 2 bright colours as well. Felt very bright on a cold day! I wore bright blue courts from Forever 21 but you can't see them under the wide legs of the jumpsuit. They were such a good buy. £21.99 and they look really expensive.


Hot Pink Suit, Wedding Style

Suit Jacket & Trousers - H&M
Lace Top - Topshop
Statement Necklace - Zara
Beaded Clutch - Next
Strappy Heels - Primark

I love weddings. This was back in March, and was one of my closest friends getting married. She looked beautiful. The first one of the girls to take the leap, and now we have 2 more to follow! Exciting!

I wanted to try and step away from wearing a dress, as all the ones I'd tried on just didn't do much for me. I'd kind of designed my outfit in my head, and had originally pictured a trouser suit in a pale/sherbet pink colour. This was impossible to find, and I'd run out of time to make my own. The closest I found was a pastel blue pair of trousers, which were lovely but had no jacket to match. I finally decided on this tailored hot pink suit from H&M. The jacket has had a lot of wear!! It's gorgeous.

I had lots of comments on my outfit that day, and felt great. The top is half-length sleeved, and sort of high necked with crochet and pearl detailing on the front. I wore my trusty Zara necklace over the top. The bra situation was difficult, but I decided on an un-padded silky Urban Outfitters number, which matched the ivory colour of the top itself.

What are you wearing to weddings?? I need some inspiration before they all start rolling in!